Looking For A Reliable Processor This Deer Season?

Trust our butcher in Dalton, PA to process your venison meat

When hunting season rolls around, you should make sure you know where you're taking your deer. Mud Pond Farm will process and package your venison meat for you. You can bring your deer to us to make the most of the meat and have a stress-free end to your hunting trip.

Your deer will be in great hands with our butcher in Dalton, PA. Visit us to get high-quality venison products.

Trust experts to process your meat

You'll get great cuts of venison meat every time when you work with our local butcher. You should bring your deer to us instead of processing it yourself to:

Prevent contamination
Avoid the mess and cleanup process
Get high-quality cuts in careful packaging

You'll love the venison products we craft for you. Call us now at 570-222-6328 to discuss what kinds of cuts you want with our butcher.